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The Spectator has managed to nab both newly elected Leader and Deputy Leader, u/Padnanub and u/Chi0121 respectively for a quick chat about their recent election victories within the Conservative Party. 

Good Morning to you both and thanks for finding time in what I’m sure is a very busy schedule at the moment!

Nub: My pleasure, always great to speak to the Spectator, have you got any plans for Christmas? I think I’m going to the in-laws which is fantastic except for the fact they always absolutely cream their brussel sprouts to the point where you could cut them with a gust of wind.

Chi: Thanks for having us, between Christmas, the devolved elections and being a Deputy Leader I’m not sure when I have time to sit down at the moment. Although Nub does have my prayers, may I recommend that they dice the brussels and fry them with bacon lardons? Plenty of butter.

Both of you have taken up a tough mantle, going from government to third-largest party in the polls and ascending to leadership during devolution elections, do you think you’re up to the task?

Nub: Absolutely, and so does the party. We’ve had unprecedented levels of engagement since our election and we’re looking at really building a sustainable, modern party to engage members and constituents, all with a goal of Building a Modern Britain. We’ve got a fantastic mix of new, fresh ideas blended in a beautiful Margarita with experienced management to coat the rim of the glass. I’ll be as honest with you as I have been with our members, this is a rough time and we are expecting some difficulties, but we will not stop fighting for a Britain we believe in and provide a true vision of hope and empowerment for the public.

Chi: I won’t sugarcoat it, things have looked better and they have been. Name me a party which hasn’t gone through a rough patch though, every party faces them. What matters is that we reach out to the party, get them engaged and get all of us working so the Conservative Party can once again be polling at number 1, something which with the right graft and commitment can easily be achieved, that I have no doubt. 

There are rumours going around that your elections will herald an era of change within the Conservative Party, is there any truth to this and if so, how much?

Nub: There are truths, yes. I’m reluctant to expand on them as they are internal party matters but let me lay it out at a high level – The Conservative Party machinery is extremely robust and capable but every now and then it needs a little oil to prevent rust. I believe I’ve got the oil for the job. Is my oil tough enough for the rust? Hell yes, it’s tough enough.

Chi: The Conservative Party is an old party and a proud party, as it should be, it’s achieved many great things but sometimes the party needs a helping hand in moving into the next phase of its life. We’ve seen it in the past and we’ll see it again, Nub and I are the helping hand this time around. There will be some changes, changes that are needed but only changes that are needed will take place. 

To Nub, you mention a renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated Conservative Party in your statement, when will we see this party?

Nub: Immediately. The Devolved Elections are underway and you’ll see a new fresh face of campaigning, on the wider scope there is no timescale for cultural change but it will happen as time marches on. We believe in our young talent and we will uplift them, my leadership is all about enabling and empowering members and the public to be better. Britain is a titan of progress and change and we will embody that.

And to Chi, you asked both members and voters who were dubious to be reassured that you are both committed to serving them, how do you intend to set these doubts aside?

Chi: I think if they follow our movements and our interactions in the coming days it will become very apparent very quickly our commitments. From the devolved elections in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, to press appearances, to interacting with other parties we intend to demonstrate our commitment through our actions and successes. They may be dubious now and that is understandable but in a few weeks time, I have no doubt they shall be convinced of our commitments. 

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