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SM117 – Motion on Recognition of the Results of the Welfare Devolution Referendum

This week in Holyrood, the Scottish Labour Party supported by the Scottish Nationalist Party called on MSPs to back the recognition. With the leader of the Labour Party u/Rohanite272 criticising the government for not ‘recognising’ the results of the Welfare devolution referendum, which was ultimately deemed illegal by the Lord Advocate of Scotland. The motion has been met with skepticism by MSPs asking about why this is now so important…

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Where has the government gone?

If you asked to mark one feature of the opposition under Blurple 3 many of us would find the word “transparency” floating in our head. So when the two main opposition parties entered government under the guise of a Phoenix everyone rightly assumed the transparency they championed while in opposition would be applied while in government. How wrong we were.  One major issue the opposition had was the lack of…

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Programme for Government debate

This week saw the new 12th Scottish Government under the leadership of Skullduggery12 publish their programme for government (PfG), which officially sets off the new legislative calendar for Holyrood. The Conservatives continuing as incumbents came out strongly highlighting the work that they have done for the people of Scotland and how the PfG sets out to continue this work over the next 6 months. The debate up until the deadline…

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Holyrood: A Time to Choose

After the resignation of u/Tommy2Boys as First Minister, a new First Minister election is required with the Scottish Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party each putting forward their candidates for the top job. The Scottish Conservatives have put forward u/Skullduggery12, who served as Deputy Leader and Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy last term. The Conservatives won the election and will be hoping to retain their seat…

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In Conversation: New Conservative leadership

The Spectator has managed to nab both newly elected Leader and Deputy Leader, u/Padnanub and u/Chi0121 respectively for a quick chat about their recent election victories within the Conservative Party.  Good Morning to you both and thanks for finding time in what I’m sure is a very busy schedule at the moment! Nub: My pleasure, always great to speak to the Spectator, have you got any plans for Christmas? I…

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/u/A1fie335’s turn in the chair

After sitting down with the Secretary of State Defence and quizzing him about his leadership ambitions, I thought it only right to provide the fresh-blood with the same opportunity to get their thoughts on paper. In their first interview, the Culture Secretary and leadership challenger /u/A1fie335 spoke to The Spectator about their vision. While nobody is questioning your ambition, you could be said to lack experience. Some people rate experience…

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A sit down with Scubaguy194

The matter of the leadership of the Liberal Democrats is something which has not received the attention, or indeed the scrutiny, that is perhaps warrants. For one thing is certain, whoever emerges as the victor will be, barring any major political convulsion in the next few weeks, number two in Her Majesty’s Government. They will have their pick of several senior offices of state and the power to reshuffle a…

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Spectator Exclusive Polling

The Spectator has received polling data for key constituencies across the United Kingdom, that could prove to be vital in the battle for Number 10. Cheshire – CON HOLD This seat is currently held by the Conservative Tommy2Boys, former Defence Secretary. The Conservative-LPUK rivalry for this seat is self-evident and both parties are now within 0.86% of each other. After rumblings from Libertarian sources particularly, Tommy2Boys could be in with…

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Breaking: LPUK and Lib dems to merge in Wales.

The Spectator has received verification from a LPUK source that they are currently voting on a merger deal between the Welsh Libertarians and the Welsh Liberal Democrats. The deal, if voted through, will create the Welsh Liberal party, and will likely become the highest polling party in Wales. The Liberal party will be lead by Tarkin, while Rhys will be appointed as Deputy Leader. Subsequent leadership will be elected by…

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Opinion: TV’s tasteless purge of older women is a sexist scandal.

SHAME! I first heard about Britain’s beloved morning duo, Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, losing their Friday morning slot from a Tweet by the Shadow Foreign Secretary. Outraged, I joined his campaign to bring them back, and I urge readers to sign up with me. The TV industry is known to be ruthless and callously competitive but after this sacking, ITV is truly Ruth-less.