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“Don’t buy into Labour’s illusions on the railways.”

This is an opinion piece written by BrexitGlory, who serves as the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and as Business Secretary. This week in parliament my Right Honourable friend, the Environment Secretary, introduced a bill to reform the railways that I had co-authored with him as Transport Secretary, in the previous government. What was interesting was the total lack of Labour opposition bar one speech, made by the shadow…

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With Friends Like These

Ahead of President Trump’s visit, the Prime Minister writes on foreign policy and the art of compromise in international relations; the tough choices that any government will have to make; and the need for a serious foreign policy

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The Follies of Command: Why Labour UKs leadership may need to butt out of devolved campaigns.

There must come a time when one has to admit defeat. With defections of senior members of the Labour Party bedevilling them seemingly each and every week and an almost unending comedy of errors from its members, senior officials in the Labour Party must – at some point – come to the realisation that the music has stopped, and there are simply no seats left. Against an increasingly smooth operation…

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“Labour’s record on green infrastructure is SHAMEFUL.” – BrexitGlory

This is an opinion piece written by BrexitGlory who is the MP for Essex and Business, Industry and Digital Secretary. This is my first article I am writing to this paper and I must admit I was struggling to decide on what to cover. So much has happened since I wrote my last opinion piece in the Telegraph that it was hard to choose what to talk about. Do I…